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How does it work?

Web designer and customer consultant


Blog, online store or multilingual website? We will speak with you before you make your decision in order to understand your needs so we can offer the most appropriate solution at the best price for you.

Webdesign Erstellung

Web design

We start each project with an individual design that we develop together with you. In doing so, we flexibly respond to special requests and provide you with advice.

Erstellung von Homepages

Homepage creation

After acceptance of the design, it goes for creation : the technical creation of the homepage. The previously static image is programmed in such a way that it creates a functional and usable website.

Content Management System - TYPO3 oder WordPress


In the next step, we'll put your content in the website. Content can be corrected at any time after completing the website, we will continue to take care of the site that takes care of you.

Responsive Webdesign

Responsive Webdesign

With the responsive web design (mobile view) we optimize your homepage for all screen sizes and mobile devices. So your website appears on your smartphone, iPad or on very large screens just as professional as on a notebook or PC.

SEO und Suchmaschinenoptimierung

SEO Optimization

In the final step, we go to search engine optimization (in short: SEO) to prepare the site for future occurrence and improve your Google rankings. Also, for further optimizations and individual wishes, do not worry. Talk to us.

We would like to say warm Thanks for your professional, friendly, creative and flexible cooperation. Far from the usual service offer ...

AstroSchool, Sofia

Alba de Crignis Saloon can recommend AmigoStyle with a clear conscience. It was a great and sometimes very patient cooperation.

Alba de Crignis

Amigo Style are among the fastest and most effective developers we've ever worked with - without having to compromise on our projects.

Geokon Bulgaria Ltd.

Internet agency from Sofia
Responsive Webdesign

Responsive Webdesign (Mobile Version)

If requested, we will create your webpage so that it is optimally displayed on mobile devices.

Our portfolio

Do not forget to look at our portfolio. In the recent years, we have created hundreds of websites for our customers. We've collected an ongoing selection for you.

see the portfolio

Webdesign Portfolio Amigo Style

When potential customers see your website, they get an immediate understanding of you and your offer in just seconds. The modern, high-quality design of your website enables you to be convincing from the start!

Amigo Style webdesign

SEO helps you to be seamlessly connected with Google, Bing and Co. This enables you to reach customers at the most important moment - when they search for a solution like yours. The clear structure, design and functionality of your website gives you the opportunity to respond directly to the request of your users.

Not only a current design, but also usability play an important role in convincing your customers with your website. The intuitive and uncomplicated use of a website has a great influence on whether users feel that they are being addressed correctly and would like to use your offer. Again, redesigning your web site can be the right solution.

Not only new customers give you a reliable impression of your offer through a contemporary design. Your existing customers will also gain confidence through a professional appearance on the net. A unified design ensures effective branding and provides the required recognition value with defined design elements, fonts and font sizes, images and other design features. Thanks to years of experience, we take these details into account when implementing your website.

"The only way to do great work
is to love what you do."

Steve Jobs

Your advantage

Your homepage is ad-free and can be reached under you own web address.

For example: Your website will be '' and not ''. This also makes it possible for you to have your own e-mail address:

In addition: Your website will be created by professionals. You will not get a 'kit' with which you have to assemble your internet presence yourself, but this will be created according to your specifications and points of view. With the CMS function, you can then customize the content yourself.

Professionđ░l Webdesigner
We create favorable websites and homepages
How are fair prices possible?

We create advantageous websites and homepages at fair prices

For many years, we've created webpages for companies, associations, individuals, and organizations. During this time, we continually optimized our processes and now we use the most effective software for each area. This saves time and money!

Professional webpages

Can you really afford a bad webpage? We do not believe that!

Do you prefer a professional webpage? You can rely on us that 'professional' does not have to mean expensive.

We are convinced that you will not find a better offer, because you get 1) a guaranteed fixed price, 2) a professional webpage in according to your choice, 3) a competent contact person and outstanding support - even once the website has been created. And all of that at a really fair price!

In our creative studio we realize professional webpages
Webdesigner workplace

Get a professional website from Amigo Style

A professional website from a web design agency gives visitors a clear impression of the individual offer and the needed information. An clear, appealing, contemporary design and a clear structure give the viewer a good feeling.

When a potential customer visits your professional website via a search engine, the potential customer will decide within the first few seconds whether he or she will stay or leave the homepage and continue browsing through the search results. The so important 'first impression' should not be the last impression, right? Therefore, the visitor must be properly received right from the beginning. With the help of the Amigostyle who have a lot of experience in web design right in the heart of Sofia, you can quickly and easily create a homepage that is tailored to your individual needs and fits you perfectly.

The professional website for all industries and occasions

For your already existing customers it is important that they find a clearly structured, informative website where they can quickly retrieve for example contact details like phone numbers or email addresses or get specific information about a specific product. Together with you we take care of all this and correct the usual challenges like spelling mistakes, unclear structures, incorrect phone numbers right to pages that are not reachable.

In addition to leaving a good impression and providing a clear structure, it is the details that make your appearance on the web appealing and 'professional'. Choice of colors and font sizes, forms and photos - and of course to be easily found in search engines also play an important role in the success of your homepage. Regardless of the scope and 'features' of your website, we are an experienced Internet agency in Sofia and always take these details into account when implementing your website. With us you will always create a professional website.

Professionđ░l Webseite

A professional website from AmigoStyle offers numerous benefits

  • Recognition value: A professional website from our web design agency in Sofia represents your company and offers a high potential to visit them again. In particular, this creates an individual design that is specially made for you and your company and that immediately catches your eye. Through our many years of experience, we know the trends in website creation. Let us precise and help you to build up a page that has character.
  • Contents: If you have a homepage created by us, you will receive excellently processed texts and pictures, which are helpful and interesting for your customers, in a clear structure.
  • Loading time: Only a technically flawless and professional website has the necessary requirements for short loading times. Because if your visitor has to wait a long time, he automatically clicks away automatically.
  • Email address: If you would like to have a webpage created by us, you have the possibility to get a suitable email domain, that means under email addresses with your web address are possible, eg: info @

Moreover, if you have your webpage created by a professional, you will not receive a 'kit' with which you will have to assemble your internet presence yourself, but this will be created according to your specifications and professional aspects for you. With the CMS feature, you can then customize and complement the content yourself so that your visitors are always up to date on their activities. Social media can also be used so effectively.